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Mar 17, 2008


I'm a Muslim first
I love peace
Not am I an extremist
What more a terrorist

I’m a Muslim first
I love my hijab
I feel free wearing it on
For certain I’m a liberate woman
Muslim women love their hijab!

I’m a Muslim first
I do obsess with this deen
I’m crazy about the only God
My deen is Islam
The One and only God is Allah

I’m a Muslim first
I was destined to choose Islam as my way of life (alhamdulillah)
So will be my death (bi idznillah)
I’ll do whatever God ask me to
As I have craving for Allah’s love

I’m a Muslim first
Hard enough to the best of my ability
Will I love and fulfill my responsibility
Devoting more time spreading the word of Islam
Carry out all my duties without fail (as I wish!)
For I will not ashamed
To declare myself as a practising Muslim

Though I’ve made a lot of mistakes throughout my life
Always give me another chance to make it right

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